Our Philosophy

If you’re looking for a nice, high-quality restaurant to order a USDA prime steak, you’re not going to go walking into a McDonalds. While both McDonalds and a fancy steakhouse both accomplish the same purpose — to feed customers — they offer a completely different experience. At McDonald’s you can expect the food to be served quickly with minimal interaction from the employee taking your order, and you can expect to find your own seat and clear your own trash. You can also expect the food to be cheaply priced. At a steakhouse, your server will come to your table, be knowledgeable of the menu and wine options, and have your food prepared exactly to order. Your food will also be more expensive. While there is nothing wrong with either option, it is important to understand what you’re getting so you are not left disappointed.

At Kuffel Dental we strive to offer a steakhouse experience. We promise that we will never sacrifice quality or service to try and lower costs. We use only the highest quality materials and continually update our techniques through structured continuing education courses on a variety of dental procedures. We continually evaluate what we do and look for better ways to do it.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure lasting results for every patient through our high-quality services and outstanding dental care. We want you to feel catered to and valued. We want your experience to be top-notch and your results to be satisfying.

If these qualities are what you are looking for in a dental practice please call to speak with Sandra and schedule an appointment. At Kuffel Dental, you’ll know what kind of experience you’re getting.